David S. Goyer Discusses Batman V Superman, Nolan Trilogy and More


David S. Goyer’s involvement in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is still a debate among fans even with him getting Story credit. Many still think Chris Terrio wrote an original piece when in fact he adapted Goyer’s first script, much like Tom Mankiewicz adapted Mario Puzo’s Superman script.

Recently Goyer was doing an interview with Collider where he was asked about the film and surprisingly he seen the film as well. As stated in the interview he was apart of one of the two screenings which we know the Composers got a screening and recently Zack Snyder had gone to a screening, which could mean the rumored standing ovation screening was in fact false.

He also points out he was on set, showing that he was very much apart of the films overall process. He also discusses how it feels to be involved in two versions of Batman as he also co-wrote the Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy and his thoughts on Man of Steel.

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Eric Curto

Eric Curto

My name is Eric and I am loving this current comic book boom, I was around for the first one with Superman: The Movie, Supergirl(being the first female and crossover film) and Batman and have been enjoying the resurgence since Blade. Can't express how much I cannot wait for WB & DC to take back the film universe but until than I love the TV shows we have gotten. I only started reading comics about 10 years ago but am connected more to DC over Marvel or any other major company. If you wanna chat feel free to contact me
Eric Curto
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  • IronBatMaidenMan

    Almost! We are getting really close to the movie!!

  • Newmantoplease

    Lol I knew Den of Geeks was full of bullshit, glad you cleared that up!

    Also, thank god Goyer has no more say in these upcoming movies and even if he does, it’s very small.

    • Agreed! Goyer only works well when he’s working with others who have creditable creative minds… otherwise, the guy should remain on the sideline as much as possible.