DC Announces Justice League vs Suicide Squad Comic Book Event


DC’s current Rebirth has continued to stay on top of the charts since the release, in the wake of the second wave of the Rebirth titles coming out, it was announced that the first event series Justice League vs Suicide Squad will be coming out starting in December at $4.99, with both Justice League and Suicide Squad solo titles also having crossover issues. This event will also catapult the second wave starting with Justice League of America Rebirth and Batwoman Rebirth.

It was also announced that a price drop will take place from $4.99 to $3.99, with the page count continuing to stay at 40 pages. It’s important to note that a typical Rebirth title has 32 pages.

The reason for the price drop has not been announced, but the Rebirth titles are normally $2.99 an issue, so they probably want to keep the consumer satisfied with the low issue price and be sure their readers are ready for the new wave.

JUSTICE LEAGUE VS SUICIDE SQUAD will feature Writers Joshua Williamson and Artist Jason Fabok and Tony S.Daniel,  along with tie in writer Rob Williams and artist Tim Seeley.

Eric Curto
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