Deadpool Director Tim Miller Talks on Almost Directing the Lobo Film


Director Tim Miller, who has had great success with his recent film Deadpool recently spoke with Hitfix about meeting with Warner Bros. three years ago to discuss directing the Lobo standalone film, stating it went as far as them having a script for the film and going a test for it.

Deadpool is much like the character of Lobo, as they’re both smart ass anti-hero assassin, Lobo being around years before Deadpool was created. At one point Dwayne Johnson was attached to star as the title character, though recently Danny Trejo has started lobbying for the role on Twitter.

In the video Miller adds that Warner Bros. had wanted to put release an R-rated Lobo film, but due to films like Constantine, A History of Violence, V for Vendetta and Watchmen being examples of R-Rated DC Comics films that didn’t get the box office they were hoping for, they held back. The Killing Joke is another film that had been in development around that time but was scrapped when Watchmen failed to meet box office expectations.

Miller also goes on to defend the Suicide Squad reshoots from the rumors that were previously spreading, about it having to do with them wanting to add more humor and it having to do to the success of Deadpool, he went on to say he didn’t believe that to be true.

Eric Curto
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