Deadpool Director Tim Miller Talks on Not Seeing a Competition with Batman v Superman


Director Tim Miller is having quite the great weekend with his new film Deadpool, starring Green Lantern’s Ryan Reynolds, beating records for an R-Rated Comic Book film. Before the film was released, Miller sat down with Omelet to discussed the new film, during the interview Miller states he does not see a competition with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or the proximity of the debut of the film:

“We have several jokes about superheroes, but I do not want to make any specific joke with this film,” stated Miller. “It would be strange to make a joke with a film that has not premiered yet. And besides, I like what Zack [Snyder] does, like your sense of epic. I think it was this epic bid that led me to read comics before anything else.”

You can read the full interview over at Omelet.

Eric Curto
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