Director Ben Wheatley Defends Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice


English Filmmaker Ben Wheatley, who is known for making a few critically praised films, recently spoke to Indiewire while promoting his latest film High Rise, featuring Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice actor Jeremy Irons.

During the interview Wheatley spoke on his thoughts on the recent the critical reception to Batman v Superman, as well as his love for the Adam West’s Batman television series from the 60’s and companion comic that was done recently.

Have you seen “Batman v Superman”?


Yeah, I liked that as well! I don’t understand [the critical reception]. I don’t understand. I really enjoyed it. What are you going to say about a film like that? How can you say it’s silly when it’s a man who dresses like a bat? Who’s the only person in Gotham who’s afraid of bats?

That’s always my argument with Batman, I want to experience the slight silliness of it.


Yeah, if you wanted to scare people, you’d jump out naked, wouldn’t you? (Mock roars, then laughs.) People would run away! I grew up with the Adam West stuff, because they repeated that endlessly on U.K. television and I loved it. I mean, it’s so good. I read “Batman ’66,” which they do a comic based on the Adam West Batman. It’s fantastic. You know, in a world where Caesar Romerorefused to shave his mustache off and put the make-up on on top of it. (Laughs)

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