Director Daivd F. Sandberg Explains Cameo in Shazam!


For those who’ve seen David F. Sandberg’s Shazam! know what cameo that took place towards the end of the movie, that left many fans happy and yet confused about why the cameo was shot in the matter it was done.

Well in an interview with Inverse, director David F. Sandberg goes on to explain the process why the cameo was filmed the way it was. If you have yet to see Shazam! do not continue reading from this point on…

Sandberg goes on to explain that from the beginning they wanted to have Henry Cavill to make an appearance as Superman, but making the cameo happen wasn’t in their favor:

“Originally, Superman actually sat down at the table, and they had a little bit of a conversation,” Sandberg says. “But when we were up in Toronto shooting, we couldn’t make it work. “We only had the time we had because we could only shoot when the kids weren’t there,” says the director. “And, of course, I wanted Henry Cavill to pop up. But he was unavailable, which was disappointing.”

But sadly they couldn’t get Cavill to appear due to conflicts with his schedule, so they had to use Zachary Levi’s stunt double as a stand in as Superman, which Sandberg felt like it would feel cheap to the audience members:

“We had Zack’s stunt double do it, but I was worried. Is this gonna feel cheap? Is this not gonna work? To cut before you see his face, is this gonna feel cheap? Are people gonna feel cheated?”

Though later in post-production after watching the footage of the scene, Sandberg realized that the scene worked and it was actually funny:

“It just made us laugh,” he says. “You see Freddy’s reaction and a hard cut to credits, and it’s just funny. It turned out better than what it was originally, where he sat down and had a little chat.”


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