Michelle Borth Confirms Five Picture Deal as Mary Marvel


Michelle Borth who played Mary Bromfield in her adult superhero form in David F. Sandberg’s Shazam!, was recently interviewed by Parade in which she spoke on the process on how she landed the role, stating she was in tears of joy and overwhelmed when she got the role from one taped audition, as that never happened to her, let alone for what ended up being a five-picture deal with Warner Bros. Studios.

Which we can only strongly assume is for her future appearances as Mary Marvel in the Shazam! upcoming sequel and any other feature DC Extended Universe movies.

“It was tears of joy, but it was just so overwhelming,” she says. “I had never gotten a role from one taped audition, let alone a five-picture deal with Warner Bros. from a one-tape audition. You always have to go through a really long process. There’s a fight to get there, so it was a really incredible moment. That’s all I can say. It was one of those really magical moments of, ‘Oh, my God. You hear about this sometimes. Every now and then, this happens,’ and that was mine. I did a great dance, an interpretive dance, and had a lot of fun with it, and then forgot, and that was it.”

Borth also goes on to confirm that Mary’s fight scenes with the Sins were cut short in the movie, which only leads us to speculate that’ll be another extra feature in the home video release.

“There’s a lot to put in, so a lot got cut for everybody. What we didn’t see, which I’m sure if we get a sequel, we’ll see, is that when she’s fighting the monsters, she’s taunting them. She’s like, “Yeah, you want more? You want to come back for me? Okay, let’s do this again,” and she’s laughing while she’s punching these monsters out. She’s having a blast and singing, and that’s where the dance stuff comes in.”

Source: Parade.com

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