Doug Jones To Possibly Return to Arrow and The Flash


Doug Jones, who played the role of Deadbolt in an episode of Arrow titled “Broken Arrow” and The Flash titled “Rogue Air”, could possibly be returning. In an interview with Jones explains why he thinks he’ll be returning or at least the writers gave his character a leeway to return after his death in The Flash episode.

The question remains: was I killed or was I just kind of silenced for a minute? I turned toward the camera and there was just had freezer burn across my face. I fell out of frame and that’s the last time you saw me – with my eyes open. Then it was referred to, Liam McIntyre, he asked Wentworth Miller, “Why did you shoot him?” When we were filming, he did a few takes going “Why did you kill him?” So, the fact that they said, “Why did you shoot him?” I don’t want to get caught up in semantics but there might be a possible return!

In a comic book world, death means nothing, but was this death? They never really did paint it as a full on death. I think I could give the writers some leeway. If I’m busy they don’t have to bring me back, if I’m free and available and they want me, I’ll return. We’ll see.

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