Drew Powell Promoted to Series Regular on Gotham


According to Deadline, Drew Powell who plays Butch on Gotham has been promoted to series regular for season 2 of the television series.

One of the best things about Gotham season 1 for me was the performance by Drew Powell as the ever loyal Butch, we see the character go through both Fish Mooney and Oswald Cobblepot and how it screwed with his head toward the end. Now it looks like the writers of the show want to look further into his character a bit as they have now promoted him to series regular as Deadline has just reported the change in status.

According to the report Butch’s loyalty to Penguin will continue to be tested as he continues to be Penguin’s right hand man. Personally I have  feeling with the news that Killer Croc would appear on the series that at some point he replaces Butch as Penguin’s muscle.

Eric Curto
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