Drew Powell Talks on Gotham Season 2


Drew Powell, who plays Butch on Gotham and was given a series regular position for the second season, spoke on what’s to come on Gotham.

The more passionate the cast of Gotham gets for the upcoming season, the more exciting I get to see what they have up their sleeves. I happened to like the first season and while I do agree what they did with Barbara was terrible, the rest of the season and characters were great.

Drew, you’re a series regular this season. What does that promotion mean to you as far as what you can do with the character of Butch?

Drew Powell:
Well, look, there’s a creative component and a life component. (laughs) The life component means I have a steady gig for at least another season, which I think anybody can appreciate! Creatively, it’s a nice vote of confidence from [showrunner] Bruno [Heller] and the writers, that they have more in store for Butch. Boy, I can tell you, we starting shooting episode 6 today, and it’s been a heck of a ride already.

I’ve said this to all the writers and a lot of the actors this year, but every episode we’ve gotten this year has been pedal to the metal. It’s really amazing what they’re doing this year. They’re just honing in on this storyline and every episode is better than the last. It’s going to be a lot of fun for fans to see this.

So you feel like they found their comfort level in Season One, and now they’re able to surpass that a bit?
Yeah, and I feel like that happens with every show. The first season is more, “What works, what doesn’t?” The question is, in season 2–and this is why season 2 is the make or break year for people–can they take what works and hone it and make it great?

I’m biased, of course, but I really think that they’re doing it. They’ve got it this year.

Butch was always under someone’s wing in Season One. Now that you’re a series regular and everything, will we start to see Butch break out on his own and follow his agenda?
Well, when we left Butch, he was a quivering mess on the rooftop, with really nobody left but Penguin. When we open season two, he’ll be with Penguin, Victor Zsazz’s conditioning still intact. The interesting stuff is what happens from there, which I can’t tell you much about. But I can tell you, some interesting stuff is going down. You know, they’re calling this season the “rise of the villains,” and it sure is! It’s really neat how they’ve pushed the meter even further in terms of the darkness and villainy that’s happening.

NOTE: This statement makes me wonder if he is actually going to develop into Killer Croc in some way, I know I know, Killer Croc was born with a skin problem that gives him reptilian like skin and he continues to mutates as he gets older, but it is called an adaptation for a reason and not a simple copy and paste translation.

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