FOX Renews Lucifer for Second Season


FOX has made the exciting announcement that Lucifer was renewed for a second season, the adaptation based on the Neil Gaiman Vertigo series. This would mean that both Gotham and Lucifer will stay on FOX to continue to represent DC Comics and its variety of content.

This news as reported first by The Hollywood Reporter is especially exciting since a few petitions were made to boycott the series. With its subject matter in showing Lucifer as a more misunderstood rebellious son rather than the Evil Incarnate many religious fanatics view him to be, it seems FOX’s gamble has once again benefited them as Lucifer has become its secomd most viewed series. Congratulations to the cast and crew of Lucifer, as well as FOX for the deserved success in the series.

This wasn’t the first time FOX had to deal with a series that sparked controversy, many of FOX’s most well-known shows had media attention and petitions like Married With Children, The Simpsons and Family Guy in their early years and were more successful due to the controversy.

Eric Curto
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