Gal Gadot Earned More Money than Henry Cavill for First Solo Film


The internet went nuts when an article from L Magazine appeared stating that Gal Gadot payday for Wonder Woman was $300,000 versus Henry Cavill’s $14 million for Man of Steel. This article cobbled the salary together from various sources and did not specify the pay received at the start of the film. The internet quickly used the story as another way to bash Hollywood and the gender gap issue.

We didn’t report this as the $14 million dollars was taking into account pay bonuses due to the success of the Man of Steel film and other factors.

Now The Hollywood Reporter is stating that Henry Cavill was actually paid slightly less than Gal Gadot for their respective solo films, which could be because Gal Gadot did début in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, therefore was reprising the role. It’s likely that with the continuing success of Wonder Woman, we will hear that she is renegotiating for the sequel and will get paid a higher amount.


Eric Curto
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