Geoff Johns Compares Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins to Richard Donner


Geoff Johns, the Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics has been on location in London as the shooting of Wonder Woman has been going on and as we reported yesterday has had nothing but great things about the Production and today is no different.

Today on Twitter he had some encouraging and inspiring words for the Director Patty Jenkins and her directing style. While the Director needs no comparisons as she has directed the Award Winning film Monster and has won awards for directing episodes of The Killing, Geoff Johns compared her to Richard Donner.

Richard Donner as many know changed the way general audiences viewed comic book based films when he and writer Tom Mankiewicz came together to bring us Superman: The Movie in 1978. His passion for the film allowed for a more realistic looking Superman who appeared to literally fly using new technology as well as making it a more serious toned(at the time) story.

Eric Curto
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