George Miller’s Justice League Documentary In Development


Recently John Schnepp released his documentary titled “The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?” which was inspired by the controversial nature in which director Tim Burton and actor Nicholas Cage had gotten deep into pre-production before Warner Bros. pulled the plug and waited until 2006 to finally release a Superman movie in Superman Returns starring Brandon Routh.

Not long after Superman Returns George Miller’s was also in deep pre-production with Peter Jackson’s company with a Justice League movie called Justice League: Mortal, before Warner Bros. pulled the plug-in 2007.

Though the project isn’t completely out of sight or out of minds by DC Comics fans, as a fan back in 2013 was working on making a documentary on it called The Mortality of “Justice League: Mortal” that was due to release in the Summer of 2014. Though we sadly haven’t heard anything on the project, since we got a teaser for it and have no idea if the project is still in the works:

Though fast forward to this weekend, we got an official word by Director RyanUnicomb and Producers Aaron Cater and Steven Caldwell, all whom are located in Australia, like George Miller, who have been inspired to develop their own documentary on Justice League: Mortal titled Miller’s Justice League Mortal – Documentary.

Thus far they have been able to get investors but have yet to reach out to George Miller or the Producers, in due time though.

Unicomb told IF Magazine in an interview:

“We wanted to get the story out there to help us to gauge interest,” says Unicomb, who has directed a number of short films including Gifted, co-directed with Jordan Bailey, which followed the rise and fall of the world’s first superhero, Guardian.

“I have always been fascinated with project, which would be in the same vein as 2013’s Jodorowsky’s Dune and this year’s The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?, about a Superman movie that Tim Burton was to direct in the 1990s.”


This is most definitely a project DC Comics fans would love to see take shape and happen, the interest is there and our excitement is most definitely there. We look forward to being a big cheerleader to the project here on DC Comics Movie as more develops!


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