Greg Berlanti Confirms Working on the Booster Gold Film and Zack Stentz Writing the Script


Greg Berlanti who’s the mastermind behind the current resurgence in the DC Television Universe starting with Arrow and continuing on with The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, who’s recently been rumored to be involved with a Booster Gold film, along with Zack Stentz, who has written the most recent episode of The Flash titled “The Runaway Dinosaur”, was rumored to be selected to write a script for the film.

Now in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Berlanti confirms his and Stentz involved with the Booster Gold film, along with the failure of the first Green Lantern film and the possibility of him directing The Flash movie.

If Warner Bros. TV executives asked you to be the Kevin Feige — who is the creative mastermind of Marvel — of the DC Cinematic Universe, what would you say?

It’s never even really come up. Peter [Roth, president of Warner Bros. TV] knows how much I love the characters, and I like being part of this universe in any way that they’ll all allow and are interested in me being a part. That’s the truth. I’m attached to a few films [at Warner Bros.] now, and one, Booster Gold, is a DC property. Zack Stentz, who wrote an episode of Flash last year, just got the job, so he’s writing the script now. I’d probably direct that, or I would want to. But I don’t see my cup as limited. I actually think some of the stuff we get to do on the TV side is richer, deeper and more like the true comic books in the sense that you’re always able to explore a new thing the next week and the stories grow wider and wider.

Greg Berlanti has already found himself working on a DC Film Green Lantern in the past, but as he says in the same interview he had very little to do with the final product.

You’ve had tremendous success in TV but have struggled a bit in film …

I’ve had a lot of stuff not work on TV, too. I’ve had as much failure in this business as I’ve had success, across both spectrums. We can count pillows! (Laughs.) But Green Lantern is a great one to point to. I got fired from that movie as a writer and as a director, and yet my name was all over it. I still get blamed for it, even though I had nothing to do with the finished product. As Marc Guggenheim always says, there’s a very Google-able script that we did write that was not executed that I still stand by. But at the time, I thought, “Oh God, that noose will hang around my neck my whole life.”

Did you have any hesitation about going back down that DC Comics road for TV?

My only request [when we started on Arrow] was to let us do it our way because I was so heartbroken by what had happened. Being a part of something like that when you’ve loved those characters your whole life, and thinking you’re not going to really get a chance to participate before you even start was very [tough]. Having to go every day to see whatever version of the film that they’d concocted at that point was a bit like having to buckle in and go drive to the same auto accident every day and get hit by the same car.

Hopefully with new people working behind the scenes things will be different and w get a full on Greg Berlanti project.

Greg Berlanti was also asked about whether he’d be interested in directing The Flash film and here is what he had to say, as well as advice to anyone who helms it.

The Flash film recently lost its director. Is helming that movie of interest to you?

No one’s discussed that with me, but I could never direct a Flash movie that Grant Gustin wasn’t the lead of. He’s my Flash.

What sort of advice would you give to whoever does direct the film?

We have three words above the door [of the Flash writers room]: “Heart, humor and spectacle.”

There are two DC Films still untitled and with one of them already speculated to be the Batman solo film, we may have just discovered what the other film could be with Booster Gold.

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