Greg Berlanti Debunks The Flash and Supergirl Crossover


Greg Berlanti who’s the creator behind not only most of the DC Television shows we’ve enjoyed, but a few other great shows on various networks throughout the years, has spoke on the ongoing rumor concerning a The Flash and Supergirl crossover.

During the screening of the upcoming 2-part The Flash and Arrow crossover episode, Berlanti debunked the rumor to the press:

“Only because we just received the pickup,” Berlanti told reporters when asked whether preliminary discussions for such a crossover had happened. “But not at this point.”

While it is quite frustrating that fans are still asking about it, after it’s been debunked many times before and it’s clear they are keeping it separate for now. It’s also clear that Greg Berlanti and his team are those who would tell us immediately when the time comes when they do decide to crossover, until than I hope fans will now leave it at that.

Eric Curto
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