Hawkman Easter Egg on Suicide Squad Set


The Suicide Squad filming this past week has taken place in the fictional DC Comics city of Midway City, which is the home of silverage Hawkman and Hawkwoman, who’s also known as Hawkgirl in the silver age comics.

Since this discovery that Suicide Squad is taking place in Midway City, fans have been seriously wondering if this is hinting towards the possibility of Hawkman and Hawkwoman appearing in the DC Cinematic Universe.

Well after this discovery by the twitter user Mark Daniell, from the Suicide Squad set, fans will have more the reason to keep speculating that there is a possibility.

Because he shared a photo of a banner that reads “Eternal Egypt MCM Midway City Museum” which a total nod to Hawkman Carter Hall, as his original origin story was Egyptian based and worked as museum curators in the comics.

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