Henry Cavill Talks on Wanting to Make More Superman Movies


Henry Cavill in an interview with Collider on the red carpet of CinemaCon, goes on to talk on how he’s still working on getting the direct sequel to Man of Steel off the ground, as he confirms he’s talking to people behind the scenes, as he goes on to say there’s a whole bunch of Superman’s stories he wants to tell and there’s a whole style of Superman character he wants to tell.

When asked on his contract with Warner Bros. when it comes to the amount of movies that he’s sign on for, if it’ll be extended for more movies as he only has one more movie under the old contract, Cavill goes on to say that regardless if he has one more or not, he’s doing it because he wants to tell more of the Superman’s story.

In other words, he seems open to making more movies beyond his current contract.

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