Hoyte Van Hoytema is Supposedly the Cinematographer for Wonder Woman


Hoyte Van Hoytema who’s known for his cinematography work for films such as Let the Right One InThe FighterHer, Interstellar and the upcoming Spectre, is being rumored to be the cinematographer for Wonder Woman, which is huge deal if true.

Anyone who’s seen any of the films listed above and the trailer for Spectre, knows Hoytema has an outstanding ability of framing shots in films, with two-time Academy Awards winner Bill Westenhofer already on-board as the visual effects supervisor, if Hoytema is confirmed, Wonder Woman is insured to be a beautiful looking film.

As for the source of this rumor, it’s coming from Meet The Movie Press, when a caller called in and asked if it was true that the cinematography of Interstellar, will be working on Wonder Woman, which then Mark E Reilly stated that he was.

The only reason this news holds any weight is because Meet The Movie Press has been right in the past with the DC Extended Universe, such as with Jim Parrack as Jonny Frost. They were the first to report on it, which was then later confirmed true.

They were also the first to report on Phil Lord and Chris Miller being attached to The Flash, which also ended up being confirmed true.

You can hear them talk about it around the 47:47 mark:

UPDATE: Actually the original source of this news is the DC Extended Universe Facebook fanpage, who were the first to report on it (Thanks to ghostyy247 for the correction):

EXCLUSIVE:Hoyte van Hoytema ("Interstellar," "Her," the upcoming James Bond film "Spectre") is lined up to do the cinematography for WONDER WOMAN!(Andrew Gifford)

Posted by DC Extended Universe on Thursday, August 27, 2015

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