I Love Lucy Superman Episode To Air In Color


Normally we don’t report on upcoming programming unless it’s DC related but since this kind of does I thought it be a nice heads up to the fans.

This upcoming Sunday (May 17th) at 8pm, CBS will be airing a special called “I Love Lucy Superstar Special” which features two episodes presented in color, anyone who knows that I Love Lucy was broadcast in Black and White, while I’m for watching it in its original form it’s a nice chance to see this in color.

The episode I’m curious about “Lucy and Superman” which features George Reeves as Superman, in the episode Little Ricky who loves The Adventures of Superman and at that time the actor George Reeves was very much the Man of Steel.

What’s also interesting is Lucielle Ball dresses up like Superman when she thinks he will be unable to appear thus in a strange way becoming the first Supergirl, which since CBS is airing it and they just picked up the Supergirl television series is a nice coincidence.

The episode “Lucy and Superman” in question will start at 8:30pm EST, check your local listing.

Source: Goodhousekeeping.com


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