Iconic DC Comics Characters Coming To Supergirl


Supergirl Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg spoke recently with Den of Geek and mentioned that they have plans to introduce more DC Heroes onto Supergirl. While Arrow, The Flash and soon DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Vixen (in animated form) have brought in new characters and will be bringing in more, its great to see more of DC’s line up of characters going over to CBS.

“For right now, I don’t think the Arrow-Flash-Legends universe is going to cross with Supergirl,” Kreisberg said. “But just like on those shows, we bring in other DC characters and other DC heroes. We have plans to do the same on Supergirl.”

“So, Supergirl won’t feel like just Supergirl,” he continued. “There’s going to be some great, iconic DC Comics characters coming onto that show. And some of them not even necessarily associated with Superman. So, it will be a DC Comics show.”

To read more of the interview go to Den of Geek.

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