Interview with the Cast of Justice League Action


News for Cartoon Networks upcoming series Justice League Action keeps on coming as Superman Homepage was able to sit down with the cast of the new series of shorts at this years Comic Con. The creators discuss how the series was originally going to be about Batman, but with the Justice League film fast approaching they were encouraged to do a Justice League series. They also discuss the struggle it is to make interesting shows with such a short time frame and how they juggle each characters enough.

They also talk about the amount of characters they were able to use including Constantine. They do point out that this will not be the same tone as Teen Titans Go as it is its own thing. They do also say that the series seems to be targeting a late August or Early September start date. We also have confirmation that while the series will be 11 minutes long, they will run in 25 minute blocks, with 2 episodes at a time.

At 16:56 Diedrich Bader, who voices Booster Gold also talked about the series with its action and colors and loving the idea that it’s not long and will be good for those with short attention spans. He talked a bit about working with Kevin Conroy and how it was as a Batman actor to work with another actor who has voiced the same character.

Eric Curto
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