Is Armie Hammer Joining the DC Extended Universe?


Armie Hammer maybe finding himself back in the world of the DC Universe if what just happened on Twitter is an indication.

Both Geoff Johns and Joe Manganiello have started following him on Twitter. Geoff Johns is the co-writer on the upcoming Batman solo film, and is also co-writer of all the DC Extended Universe films, while Joe Manganiello will be suiting up as Deathstroke in the Batman film and rumored to also be appearing in Justice Leauge. Hammer has also followed Johns back.

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Keep in mind that Geoff Johns started following Joe Manganiello shortly before he was announced to be playing Deathstroke. Other cast members in both film and television have also followed those they would be working with shortly before their casting confirmations.

Armie Hammer was once cast as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the film Justice League: Mortalwhich would George Miller would have directed before it was scrapped.

If he is being cast, Hammer would be the second cast member of Justice League: Mortal to eventually get a role in the DC Extended Universe, as Common who was cast as John Stewart/Green Lantern was cast in Suicide Squad as Monster T.

Who could Hammer be playing as in the DC Extended Universe? Chances that it has to do with the Batman film is high, seeing as the co-writer and main villain are following him.

If I were to speculate it would be one of the adult Robin’s, such as Nightwing, Red Hood or Red Robin, but seeing as he has already formed a friendship with Henry Cavill after being in The Man From U.N.C.L.E, its possible he could be part of any reshoots for Justice League.

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