Jackie Earle Haley Cast as Odin Quincannon on Preacher


IGN made the announcement that Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen) has been cast as the villain Odin Quincannon on Preacher. Odin Quincannon is set to appear in 6 of the 10 episodes, making him one of the main villains to contend with on the AMC television series. 

The character description goes as follows:

“a small, decrepit man with the unscrupulous iron will necessary to be the most powerful man in Annville County, Texas. The chief employer in town, Odin runs Quincannon Meat & Power, a 125-year-old family run cattle slaughterhouse business.”

Jackie Earle Haley is no stranger to comic book roles as he played Rorschach, a Question like Anti-Hero in the film adaptation of Watchmen.

Eric Curto
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