Jaden Smith May Be Static Shock After All


Shortly after the news that Static Shock was being developed for Warner Bros. Machima Youtube channel, we heard a rumor that Jaden Smith was up for the role, but since than we heard very little on any news, until now.

Tyler James Williams (The Walking Dead) was speaking to Flicks and the City at the MCM Comic Con about a role he’d like to play as an African American Superhero and he made a mention that he can’t talk too much (which could mean he is signed up for it or maybe in the running) but does mention that Static Shock has Jaden, now keep in mind this is NOT a confirmation, despite what other sites may be saying (unless he is involved with the project but he hasn’t said he is).

So what do you think? Personally I am not sure, Jaden has shown talent in films like Pursuit of Happyness and Karate Kid, but lately has been in a rut, so its possible he may have a stronger TV presence. It would also make the Smith family a DC Family with Will Smith on Suicide Squad  and Jada Pink-Smith on Gotham.

1:48 Mark for the Static Shock comments

Eric Curto

Eric Curto

My name is Eric and I am loving this current comic book boom, I was around for the first one with Superman: The Movie, Supergirl(being the first female and crossover film) and Batman and have been enjoying the resurgence since Blade. Can't express how much I cannot wait for WB & DC to take back the film universe but until than I love the TV shows we have gotten. I only started reading comics about 10 years ago but am connected more to DC over Marvel or any other major company. If you wanna chat feel free to contact me
Eric Curto
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  • jas

    Well, looks like I’m not watching it. Good thing he’s not in the movies


    I’m on board with it. I think people are underestimating Jaden, based on past stuff. Same as they did with his mom for Gotham.
    Everybody has bad films. Affleck with DD? Clooney with Batman? Reynolds with GL? Not sure why people think Jaden is the exception here.

    • Exactly, even though this hasn’t been confirmed I’m not going to judge him as an actor based on a movie he did when he was 13 years old.