James Wan Debunks Black Manta Casting


The Daily Telegraph ran a story recently that actor Michael K. Williams was cast in the role of Black Manta in Aquaman and many news sites took this as a confirmation. We decided to hold on reporting on it until it was actually confirmed or denied by those involved with the film.

Director James Wan, has gone to twitter to deny the story that Michael K. Williams has been cast as Black Manta. Wan wasn’t clear if Williams just wasn’t cast as Black Manta and will be in the film or if he is just not in the film at all, but its safe to say he is not playing Black Manta.


Wan than went ahead and commented as to why he is unable to diffuse all the rumors that keep coming from out of nowhere.


And when a fan responded to his comment by asking him to cast the actor in the role that he is a great actor, Wan agreed that Williams is a great actor.


Eric Curto
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