Jeff Sneider Debunks Booster Gold and Blue Beetle Buddy Cop Movie


Jeff Sneider of The Wrap, who’s been right very often about the DC Extended Universe, during the podcast Meet The Movie Press, spoke on the latest DC Extended Universe rumor of a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle buddy cop movie happening over at Warner Bros.

Sneider goes on to say that a Booster Gold Solo movie is in development as an idea at the moment, which isn’t much of a secret because DC’s Legend of Tomorrow show runner Phil Klemmer even teased on it, which we reported on the possibility.

But Sneider goes on to say that the film is in no way a buddy cop movie with Blue Beetle, nor that the film is actually a super legit project at the moment, that half the information in the story that was released last night is bull shit, that if it was real the trade sites would had already reported on it.

To listen to Sneider debunk the rumor, go to the 24:24 minute mark where he goes into detail as to why it’s not true:

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