Jeff Sneider Debunks Booster Gold and Blue Beetle Buddy Cop Movie


Jeff Sneider of The Wrap, who’s been right very often about the DC Extended Universe, during the podcast Meet The Movie Press, spoke on the latest DC Extended Universe rumor of a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle buddy cop movie happening over at Warner Bros.

Sneider goes on to say that a Booster Gold Solo movie is in development as an idea at the moment, which isn’t much of a secret because DC’s Legend of Tomorrow show runner Phil Klemmer even teased on it, which we reported on the possibility.

But Sneider goes on to say that the film is in no way a buddy cop movie with Blue Beetle, nor that the film is actually a super legit project at the moment, that half the information in the story that was released last night is bull shit, that if it was real the trade sites would had already reported on it.

To listen to Sneider debunk the rumor, go to the 24:24 minute mark where he goes into detail as to why it’s not true:

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  • I gotta say, this guy isn’t doing alot to convince me. First he says there is a BG movie in development, then he says it’s all BS. So which is it? Then he says only the trade sites are “the standard”, & then he says even they get stuff wrong. And the Biggest part: He says to just make a phone call to confirm, even though we know that the studios are either not gonna comment, or they’re gonna flat out deny/lie.

    At the end of it, he says it’s all BS, but then he said he doesn’t have a clue. So he’s not much different from El Mayimbe, who some of his scoops have panned out, & some haven’t. So while we shouldn’t just believe any & everything, we shouldn’t be so quick to discount everything ether.

    Besides, these discussions are kinda entertaining. And no, we’re not taking our grandkids to see these films. That sounded so outlandish. We already reported that a new DC movie slate was coming soon. There’s bound to be at least 3-5 more movies added to it. And with 2-3 films coming out each year, it’s quite conceivable to have a BG movie in the next 8 years or so.

    • Jeff wasn’t denying that Booster Gold is in development but it’s only the idea, not that WB is actively looking to green lit as a film anytime soon as the rumors implies. He was calling the story that came out saying there was a buddy cop movie happening with Blue Beetle and Booster Gold, Booster Gold appearing in Justice League and all the other details BS, not that everything is BS regarding a Booster Gold movie being worked on over at WB, as he said, many studios have projects in development, but doesn’t mean they’ll actually turn into films.

      And his not having a clue or hasn’t heard anything is him saying the story that’s going around isn’t true, because as he said, if it was it would be on the trade site already, he would had already heard about it and reported it on The Wrap, as they too like traffic.

      Also Jeff is often right regarding the DCEU, he has a very good track record, he proved that by breaking that Jared Leto was playing The Joker, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were attached to The Flash and that Jim Parrack was Jonny Frost, among a bunch of other things.

      I like Jeff because he makes sure to cross check information and hates hyping fans up with false information. I wish more scoopers were like that, rather than reporting on everything they hear, which 9 out of 10 end up wrong.

      • Listening to his responses, it just seemed to me like it this is a case of professional rivalry. He sounds a little irked that people like El Mayimbe (he’s really the only one I listen to these days–not that I take everything he says as gospel either) are getting more of a buzz than he and the trades are. The early bird gets the worm, as they say. The goal is the get the scoop before anybody else. These other sites have gotten their fair share of scoops as well, some of which have turned out to be right.

        I don’t necessarily agree with the notion of “it must be BS, otherwise I would’ve heard it already”. There’s been a few scoops that were reported by the non-trade guys/sites, that the trades didn’t even catch wind of. IIRC, El Mayimbe was the first to report that Doomsday is gonna be in BVS. Now, we have no way of knowing if that’s true or not until next year, but all signs point to that being true.

        I believe it was El Mayimbe who said that sometimes with Hollywood, nothing is really set in stone, and things can change at the drop of a hat. So what might have been a scoop today, could turn out to be totally bogus tomorrow, and the person printing the scoop has to take the heat if it turns out to be wrong. There’s alot of variables involved in this stuff, but at the end of the day, it’s up to the individual to decide what’s true and what isn’t.

        I still say it’s kinda fun talking about these rumors, though. But, not every site should report on them, and I’m glad that we don’t.

        • Actually El mayimbe was not the first to report that Doomsday will be in Batman v Superman and that’s the biggest issue with El Mayimbe and those who follow his “scoops”, is that they don’t realize how often he takes rescoops scoops.

          Doomsday being in BVS actually all started because of a fake script that was sent to a bunch of scoop site as a prank, written by twitter user SonofArrogance. Here’s the fall out of that:

          This is why we don’t report his stuff anymore, because Eric and myself realized after awhile of doing our own research, that he tends to be wrong very often and when he’s right, it’s a rescoop from other site. Since we’re always on top of news for DC, we recall a lot stuff.

          Jeff on the other hand doesn’t do that and nor do I believe he’s jealous about the other scoop sites, he works for The Wrap, which is top notch and gets way more access to things in Hollywood than these other scoops sites do, as he actually breaks things and gets actual exclusives from studios.

          The Wrap wouldn’t be respected if they reported on every rumor that came their way that they didn’t fact check first. Because then they would be seen as these other sites, that many fans like myself, have now shunned because how often their stuff turns out to be false.

          Remember El Mayimbe was the one who kept pushing Joe Manganiello was Deathstroke more so than the original site that first scooped it (Joe Blo) and he didn’t stop pushing it until Manganiello came out and debunked it.

          The same day Manganiello tweeted how false it was that he was never up for the character of Deathstroke, Mayimbe was telling fans hours before Manganiello was still in talks for Deathstroke.

          He did the same with Chris Pine and Hal Jordan, even though the trade sites were reporting Pine was Steve Trevor, he kept saying that was a smokescreen by the studio to mislead.

          He also reported that Zack Snyder son was Robin, which Snyder debunked.

          He also reported that WB wanted more Batman and less Superman, which Snyder also debunked.

          He also reported that Jim Parrack was Deathstroke, which Jeff debunked and corrected that he was actually Jonny Frost, which turned out to be true.

          He also got all the characters he reported on for SS wrong. He said Adam Beach was Raven, wrong. Scott Eastwood was Steve Trevor, wrong. Ike Barinholtz is Hugo Strange, wrong (only if Hugo is a guard in Bella Reve). Karen Fukuhara was Plastique, wrong.

          Actually I debunked that after doing some research on her myself, which led to my article on her being Katana because her being Plastique made no sense to me and I turned out to be right.

          I mean the list is endless of the amount of stuff Mayimbe has pushed that has turned out to be false regarding the DCEU, but some fans still hang on his every word due to getting a few things right… which honestly becomes blurry once you’re able to track the reports he got right, to another source who reported on it first.

          But that’s the biggest problem with fans, which Jeff basically called out and I agree, as I do it myself. Is that fans are so hungry for news for their favorite films, that they want to believe everything, which allows these scoop sites to push anything and everything that falls into their hands, without fact checking, because they have the audience that’ll lap it all up regardless if it turns out false.