Joaquin Phoenix in Talks to Play The Joker in Standalone Movie


According to Variety, The Joker standalone director Todd Phillips has begun talks with Joaquin Phoenix to be The Joker in the origin movie set outside the DC Films Universe that features Jared Leto as The Joker in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad.

No deals been officially made but Phillips said that Joaquin Phoenix’s interested in playing the role but needed to wait on the studios go ahead.

Phoenix will be returning to the DC Universe, as Phoenix played a boy who looked up to Superboy in the 90’s television series with John Haymes Newton and Gerard Christopher in the role.

Scott Silver and Todd Phillips are writing the film with Phillips as director and Martin Scorsese as Executive Producer. This is the first film that falls in the unnamed DC Banner that will expand on the canon of the characters by featuring alternate stories separate from the main universe. This approach is like how Elseworlds allowed for writers to be creative without fear of hurting the main universe.

Source: Variety 

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