Joey King Cast as Magenta on The Flash


Joey King has been officially cast in the role of Francis “Frankie” Kane/Magenta in season three of The Flash. King has grown in popularity due to skilled acting range and choice roles such as The ConjuringIndependence Day: Resurgence and Fargo the television series. She has also appeared in The Dark Knight Rises as young Talia Al Ghul, giving her recognition with in the DC Universe.

In the comics Magenta,  is a meta human with the ability to control metals, a power that ultimately killed her family. She also had a relationship with Wally West, in which time she was also a member of the Teen Titans.  Magenta, her alter ego is also responsible for being part of The New Rogues, which explains the excessive amount of casting we have seen for the villains on The Flash. She has been a member of the Injustice League as well.

Although, she shares the same name it has not been hinted she has any relation to Kathy or Kate Kane, who are also related to Bruce Wayne through marriage.

MAGENTA CREATED BY:  Marv Wolfman (Writer) and George Perez(Artist)

FIRST APPEARANCE: New Teen Titans #17 (March, 1982)


Eric Curto

Eric Curto

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Eric Curto
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