John Wesley Ship at the Emerald City Comic-Con Panel


John Wesley Shipp, Henry Allen on The Flash with Grant Gustin, and The Flash/Barry Allen on the CBS series from 1990-1991, recently took part in a lengthy podcast for Flash Talk and continues to give us fans more of experience and his love for the world of DC with a Q&A at the Emerald City Comic-Con panel.

Unfortunately no video has popped up, but Comic Book Resources was gracious enough to take down some notes of the panel. A panel that ended with him being called away by The Flash production office.

He was also asked if he gave Grant Gustin any advice on playing The Flash, which Shipp replied:

“None at all,” he replied. “That would be insufferable.” Continuing, he said he has had concerns and empathy for the many hours that Gustin has to spend in the Flash’s suit, which leads to further “paternal” feelings.

He also spoke on Ezra Miller’s casting as The Flash for the DCCU after a fan asked him on it:

 “I think that the people behind the current DC incarnations obviously have their act together, and if they have picked him, even though I am not familiar with his work, they picked him for a reason,” Shipp said. “I don’t know why they’re keeping the [TV and movie] universes separate. They seem to think it makes sense, and I’m not going to second guess them.”

Another fan then asked Shipp’s if he was ever asked to don The Flash suit again, what would his reaction be:

“I would go, ‘You want me to do it?’ Hell, if Tom Cavanagh can wear the yellow suit, I suppose… I can’t imagine. And I don’t think it’s going to happen. But it’s amazing how often that comes up.”


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