John Wesley Shipp Talks The Flash and Mark Hamill’s Appearance on the Show

John Wesley Shipp, who plays Henry Allen and Jay Garrick/Golden Age The Flash, spoke on The CW television series The Flash recently with Talking About

In the interview Shipp discussed how he has dealt with the role in 1990, working with Mark Hamill again and the success of the current series. He also discussed a bit about what has happened in season  2, teased Season 3 and spoke on Supergirl going from CBS to The CW.

On Mark Hamill appearing on the current The Flash television series feeling surreal:

“It was completely unexpected, like when Mark and I would go to the hotel. You know we would be talking about how often do you have an opportunity to come back and revisit a project 25 years later and hand it off to the next generation and also be asked to play multidimensional characters, which are really contributing in the presents, not  just going by and saying ‘There’s the guy that use to be wearing the suit.’ But yeah, if there’s ever a villain that should recurrent it’s Mark.”

Eric Curto
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