Jon Berg Discusses Justice League and Working with Joss Whedon


Jon Berg, the DC Films co-head spoke with Variety recently about the success of Wonder Woman and went on about DC Extended Universe and their plans going forth, including working with Joss Whedon.

He’s a big part already. We love him. He’s a great partner, collaborator; we want him to be ensconced. We bring people by, have general meetings and talk about comics and their favorite superhero movies. With Joss, he saw the master board, and he saw a “Batgirl” title and he said, “You guys seriously want to do ‘Batgirl’?” And we said, “Absolutely.” He said, “That’s my jam.”

He also spoke on whether the success of Wonder Woman will ultimately expand her role in Justice League.

Her role won’t change, but she was already playing a big role. People really responded to Gal [Gadot] in “Batman v. Superman.” We knew we had something special.

Source: Variety

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