Jon Schnepp Clarifies on His George Miller Directing Man of Steel 2 Scoop


When we first reported on George Miller directing Man of Steel 2, when Jon Schnepp broke the news on DC Movie News, Schnepp stated it with confidence and as though it was a done deal:

“George Miller is doing Man Of Steel 2, I don’t feel weird about breaking it.”

That very matter of fact statement set the internet on fire and many fans taking his scoop as something to truly believe.

Though on yesterday’s Collider Heroes, Schnepp went on to clarify his statement by doing a bit of backpedaling and losing the confidence he showed on DC Movie News:

“I just want to clear up, this is a rumor, I’m not part of production company that making Man of Steel. Just like this morning, a bunch of other sites said Man of Steel is indefinitely postpone. They don’t know that either and once again, that’s just also a rumor.”

Of course many of us took what he said with a grain of salt, but it’s the way he stated it, where he didn’t label it as rumor when he spoke on it, that caused it to blow up like it did.

Schnepp went on to explain why he believed Miller is in talks to direct Man of Steel 2, before he went on to clarify his statement on DC Movie News, when he was introducing the news on Collider Heroes:

“Rumors from inside sources [air quotes], I’ve heard that George Miller has met with DC. We knew he was on the Suicide Squad set, hanging out, having some fun. So he’s met with DC, proper Warner Bros. to talk about directing some movie properties for DC characters and he wants to direct Man of Steel 2. He a giant Superman fan, he was going to do Justice League Moral, mainly because he’s a Superman fan.”

It seems like his reasoning for believing Miller is directing Man of Steel 2, stem from Miller being a big Superman fan and because he was spotted on the Suicide Squad set, which is the same reason many fans believe Miller might be directing a film in the DC Extended Universe as well.

John Campea even went on to say how it’s a rumor that’s not fact, even though there are things that support it:

It’s a rumor that has circumstances that support it, doesn’t make it fact, it doesn’t make it fact at all, it doesn’t mean it’s been confirmed. But it is something that makes worth discussing in moderate, because there’s so much behind it.

Now with Schnepp backpedaling from going from Miller “is” directing Man of Steel 2, to its only a rumor, with Campera jumping in saying that shouldn’t be looked at as fact, makes what we were informed that George Miller is not involved in the DC Extended Universe seem much more creditable.

That said though, we still want George Miller in the  DC Extended Universe regardless what we were told, we’re still rooting for it!

To listen to Jon Schnepp and John Campea’s comments, fast-forward to the 10:26 mark:

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