George Miller is Not Involved With the DC Extended Universe


Recently there have been a lot of mixed signals when it comes to George Miller and the DC Extended Universe, starting with him almost directing Justice League: Mortal, which left the impression in fans minds that he would be opened to directing a DC film eventually. Then George Miller was spotted on the Suicide Squad set back in May, which fired up the hopes of fans and the rumor mill.

Then as of recently as this past week, Jon Schnepp the director of “The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened!?”, claimed that George Miller was indeed directing Man of Steel 2.

Then just today we got another rumor by Dan of Geek, claiming that George Miller is only in talks with Warner Bros. about directing a DC Extended Universe film, but he’s not officially attached to any particular film.

Well got an exclusive from someone close to Warner Bros. and George Miller, that none of these recent rumors are true and that Miller is not currently in any talks to helm a DC Extended Universe film.

When we asked why was Miller on set of Suicide Squad and why would Jon Schnepp, who isn’t known for spreading false rumors would claim as such, our source said that Miller is close with Warner Bros. as family in a way and was simply on set for the holidays, as for the Jon Schnepp comment, they said they weren’t sure why Schnepp would make the claim.

Of course things can change, but we do feel confident in our source, as the source has always been up front with us.

It is our hope that Warner Bros. does eventually enter into talks with George Miller to helm a DC Extended Universe film, as he is an amazing talented director.

Eric Curto
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