Justice League: Gods And Monsters – Chronicles Renewed For Season 2


Bruce Timm’s return to the DC Universe has not even released yet with the next DC Animated Universe film Justice League: Gods and Monsters, but it’s tie-in web series has already been given a Season 2 renewal by Machinima, which was announced at the Machinima: Heroes Rise event in New York City yesterday.

The series will debut in June of this year and the second season will debut sometime in 2016 and what we assume is Machinima’s youtube channel.

Bruce Timm also gives us insight on a few characters we will be getting, including Mary Marvel and a female Captain Marvel.

“We’re going to try to squeeze in as many new versions of characters as possible. We have Mary Marvel, a Pam Grier version of Captain Marvel (complete with lightning-bolt adorned dress, curves, and afro). Steel, who’s nearly all robot, and a scary-looking alien Green Lantern.”

It’s apparent that Bruce Timm is a force that even WB Animation wants to keep a hold on.

Source: Comicbook.com

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