Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles Webseries Release Date Revealed


It was announced a while ago that with the July 28 release of Justice League: Gods and Monsters, Bruce Timm co-creator of the DC Animated Universe from 1992-2006 would also be giving us a webseries which will explore the backstories of each member. We know that the webseries was already given a Season 2 renewal. Well now we know the series will premiere on June 8th.

We also had a few more tweets teasing us of the characters we’ll see

First up is Kirk Langstrom/Batman voiced by Michael C Hall (of Dexter fame):


Next up is General Zod/Superman as voiced by Benjamin Bratt (CatwomanLaw & Order):

Bekka/Wonder Woman voiced by Tamara Taylor (Serenity):

Of course this is just the first 3, so your guess is as good as ours on who else we might get, but it was obvious to me that the Holy Trinity’s new version would be shown.

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