Justice League Looking to Make Less than Man of Steel at the Worldwide Box Office


The box office for Justice League started off disappointing domestically and hasn’t improved since it’s opening weekend, with it falling into second place in its second weekend, to then falling 60% in its third weekend. 

Some fans felt that word of mouth was strong enough for the film to have strong legs, that the opening weekend didn’t matter in the long haul. That doesn’t seem to be the case at all, as evidences shows that the film will not be doing any strong business anytime soon, mores so with Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiering very soon, which will most definitely demolish everything in sight.

Recent reports by Forbes, now states that the film won’t even make more than Man of Steel at the worldwide box office, which that film stands as the lowest box office earning for the DC Extended Universe, with $668 million.

For a film like Justice League, that’s being reported to cost $300 million to produce, making it the most costly from of the DC Films to come in at the lowest in earnings at the box office, that can only be seen as a disheartening failure for Warner Bros. and the fans of the franchise.

At the moment this article is being written, Justice League gross at the Worldwide box office stands at $569 million.

Source: Forbes.com

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