Justice League: Part 1 to Prep and Film for One Year in London


We had reported, costume designer Michael Wilkinson has spoken a bit about The Flash and when he’ll first appear at the Comic Con Experience 2015, in San Paulo Brazil.

Now he’s also spoke about his next DC film, Justice League: Part 1, according to Michael Wilkinson he will be heading to London for a year with 6 months devoted to prepping for the film, another 6 months of shooting the film.

“Well, I just started preparation on the Justice League. So, we’re shooting the film in London. I’m going to be there for a year. Six months of prepping, six months of shooting. And we have all sorts of fantastic actors that we’re bringing to London, all sorts of interesting universes. We’re looking forward to doing a whole new Justice League for the 21st century.”

Listen to the interview at the 49:56 mark:

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