Justice League Set Vist Confirming DC Extended Universe News


After the mixed reaction to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the studio and Zack Snyder invited those who weren’t  happy with the film to the set of Justice League to give them a taste of what’s to come. Joblo was one of those lucky news sites to head on over and get some confirmed news on whats going on.

As you have seen CONFIRMED NEWS are as follows:

  1. Ben Affleck’s Executive Producing Role is simply on Batman as he is officially directing the film as well as writing and not to change Zack Snyder’s vision for the film (Ben Affleck Writing/Directing was already said to be happening but only vaguely mentioned by Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns) Ben Affleck also confirmed the solo film will not be going into Production until 2020 the earliest as he wants the perfect Batman script. This also opens the doors to those two untitled DC films yet to be announced.
  2. Mera’s costume as well as many of the Atlantean will be wearing costumes that combine into their skin, which currently Amber Heard is still on board for the role and her costume is the designers favorite so far.
  3. Cyborg will be the only CGI character, this is probably due to his body being mostly machine, though I suspect in scenes of exposition half his face will be Ray Fisher.
  4. Ezra Miller’s The Flash will serve as comic relief and provide much of the levity the film will have and his costume will pieced together by space suit material connected by an electrified wire.
  5. The film takes place months after the previous film, with Batman’s character is full of hope in this film as he continues to honor Superman’s sacrifice by joining the team together, since he is the most vulnerable he will be wearing some extra armor in his Battle armor from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in upgrades. He will also be upgrading his classic cape and cowl.
  6. Batman will also be upgrading his batmobile and providing the team with a sort of watchtower called The Flying Fox, he will also have a new vehicle called “Nightcrawler” which will also be featured in an underground battle.
  7. Steppenwolf will be the main villain of the piece but Darkseid’s presence will be felt. The film’s plot involves Steppenwolf’s pursuit of the 3 Mother Boxes (which were seen briefly in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice), one from Earth, one from Atlantis and one from the Amazons. This will most likely help in the formation of the League.
  8. William DaFoe will be playing Vulco, the mentor to Aquaman, who will have to provide some back story on the character. This probably means William DaFoe will also be in the Aquaman Solo film, but time will tell.
  9. Despite recent photos of a hairy J.K. Simmons he will in fact have the traditional Commissioner Gordon look as well as a hair piece. It’s not know if his current physique will play into his role, but I think it will.
  10. Superman’s arrival won’t be until later in the film and his look will have a long hair look based off the Return of Superman look.
  11. Junkie XL will provide the film’s score utilizing Hans Zimmer’s score when needed
  12. Justice League is not a two-part story, although, technically this has been confirmed for months as Charles Roven had said in and interview with Collider that the title Part One and Part Two was just early titles.

Watch the full video for more details, but this certainly sounds amazing. The descriptions here certainly sound like the second half of a two-part story as writer Chris Terrio has previously confirmed.

The only disappointing thing they said is that the location in which the Justice League will get together will be called “The Flying Fox” which sounds like an early version of the Watchtower. Was hoping we’d hear they are actually doing the Hall of Justice and using the Cincinnati Museum Center as exterior shots, but perhaps later when the team is well established.

Eric Curto
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