Justice League Vs Teen Titans Available for Pre-Order


The next Justice League story in which they face off against The Teen Titans, titled Justice League vs Teen Titans is available currently for pre-order.

Not much is known about this story, except that it won’t be based on any previous adaptation. What is interesting to note is that many of the animated films released have been showing up in other adaptations. Could this be a hint at the Titans TV series being closer to development or the team that will be used on that series? Or maybe a film? Probably not, but it’s great to theorize.

Current price may vary and they usually do get cheaper as the release date comes closer is Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack $22.48, with the standard DVD being $17.98. I personally always go for the Combo Pack.

No release date has been announced, but Amazon is great with informing its buyers of when it’s officially going to be released but we will be sure to keep you updated.

Eric Curto
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