Kevin Smith Confirms Possible Multiverse Crossover


Kevin Smith who recently hosted The CW special DC Films Presents: The Dawn of the Justice League along side Geoff Johns, spoke a bit more on the experience of hosting the event through his Fatman on Batman podcast.

During the podcast he revealed a bit of more information from the special, that even he said he may not be allowed to say, as it was cut for a reason regarding The Flash movie.

In the conversation he mentioned that he did question Geoff Johns reasoning for casting another Barry Allen in Ezra Miller, instead of just casting a different Flash or using Grant Gustin and goes on to say Geoff Johns response was “DC is known for nothing more than its multiverse.” a statement in which he immediately asked if they could crossover and Geoff Johns response was “Ahhh”.

This theory from many fans has been going on since Ezra Miller’s casting and could very well be yet another milestone for DC to add to their “Firsts”.

Check out the video below for the full episode. The moment he talks about The Flash is around the minute 18:30 mark:

Eric Curto
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