Legends of Tomorrow Official Cast Promotional Poster


Today The CW held their Upfront Presentation panel and as part of revealed the cast poster for the new series which is set to air sometime in January of 2016. What’s curious to add is Ciara Renee who will play Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl appears with no costume, is this their way of holding off on revealing her look or will she not have the full on outfit? I hope it’s the former as I love the look and would love to see it in live action.

The other question now is, since this features a White Canary is this an alternate universe or did Rip Hunter go to an alternate universe to grab White Canary?

It has been speculated since a leaked photo revealed Caity Lotz in a white outfit that she would be playing an alternate version of her Black Canary character called White Canary and now it’s official.


UPDATE: There was a trailer for Legends of Tomorrow and it features more information one is that Sara will be brought back by way of The Lazarus Pit, the other reveal is that Vandal Savage is the villain  this trailer will be released on The Flash Finale

Source: Comicbook.com

Eric Curto
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