LEGO Dimensions “Who’s Got Talent” – Trailer


LEGO Dimensions which comes out on September 27, 2015 for all the major consoles just released a new voice cast trailer confirming that Michael J Fox will return as Marty McFly in his Back to the Future role.

That in itself is awesome, but what makes this DC Comics Movie new related is not only do we see Batman interacting with other characters, like the Ghostbusters, but Christopher Lloyd, who is returning as Doc Brown from Back to the Future also mentions how cool it is to team up with Batman. We also get some Batman veterans coming in as characters such as Gary Oldman, who played Commissioner Gordon in the Nolan Batman Trilogy is playing the villain and Tara Strong, who has played Harley Quinn and Raven. Also Troy Baker and Nolan North’s names are seen as part of the voice cast well.

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