Lucifer Premiere Date Released


FOX has announced the premiere date and time for their Vertigo/DC’s adaptation of Lucifer. The date selected was Monday, January 25 at 9pm following the X-Files revival series.

This is a brilliant move on FOX’s part as The X-Files is an already established series, so many are expected to stick around for the next hour, giving Lucifer a great chance to hit it big.

This seems to be during the time frame of the Winter Break as Gotham is not airing at its normal 8pm time slot, but depending on whether the series is given an extension we may see a DC night for FOX when Gotham returns.

Tom Ellis stars as the title character and was created by Neil Gaiman and Sam Keith, Co-Creators of The Sandman, while the series is going to show him in a different light it has not stopped groups from boycotting the glorification of the Devil and as many know the more controversial a film or show is, the more successful it ends up being.


Eric Curto
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