Marc Guggenheim Speaks About DC Television


Recently Marc Guggenheim (with his partner/wife Tara Butters) spoke at a Q&A at the Long Beach Comic Expo Center and was very open about a lot of interesting tidbit about Arrow, The Flash, Vixen, Harley Quinn Returning and Ted Kord the original Blue Beetle.

DC is pretty open to the Arrow/Flash crew on what characters they use except for Batman.  Since Green Arrow has a thin mythology, he’s more malleable to work with on the show.

This is interesting that he only says Batman as an exception, no longer Superman, this could mean that DC is becoming more open on him appearing on Supergirl and The Flash as we have speculated might happen on either of those series. It is possible he just forgot to mention Superman, but it be great if we can see him on one or both shows.

– Between “Gotham” and Margot Robbie playing her in the upcoming Suicide Squad film, he stated that the closest they could come is the “wink and a nod” from last season.


Well that is a shame, but seeing as Batman centric character are off-limits due to Fox having the TV Rights and the films being made, we should feel lucky she appeared at all.

– As for other characters, the producers have a general idea of who they’re using next, and that Onomatopoeia could very well show up next season.  He’s high on the list of characters to use.      

Could Onomatopoeia’s appearance mean a season arc for Laurel and some real story development. In the comics Laurel Lance was a mark for Onomatopoeia.

– Didn’t know this, Ray Palmer was originally supposed to be Ted Kord.  DC had other live action plans for Kord, so he changed to Palmer.


Well this is interesting, WB had plans for Ted Kord to be in another live action property, Ted Kord was the first Blue Beetle and has been featured on Smallville (played by Sebastian Spence) and has been mentioned on Arrow before. Could he bemaking an appearance in the‎ DC Cinematic Universe?

– Vixen starts voice recording soon.  No one was announced yet other than Guggenheim let it be known that both Grant Gustin and  Stephen Amell would reprise their respective roles in the show.  On top of that, the tone of the show will mirror that of Flash.  Guggenheim clarified the show isn’t aimed at younger children, but fans of Arrow and Flash, IE, older.


That’s cool, although we already knew of Gustin and Amell’s appearance happening, it’s still cool to know it’s still happening. It’s also nice that it will still be something geared toward an older crowd.

– A kid in the audience asked if Suicide Squad will be back.  Guggenheim said yes, and as a wink to the kid, told him that the flashbacks will be from Deadshots POV in that episode (which is the second episode when the show returns later this month)


I am excited for this, love seeing things through the enemies eyes, gives a great perspective (read “Vampire Lestat” and you’ll understand what I mean).

 -“With ‘Green Lantern,’ we [he and Co-Showrunner Greg Berlanti] really learned the lesson of control. We didn’t have it on ‘Green Lantern.’ It got taken out of our hands at a certain point, and stuff happened. The difference between features and TV is that on TV, as a writer, you’re writing for your life. Every eight business days, there’s a new script due, and as a showrunner, it all goes through your pen. Sometimes what’s getting shot is literally your first draft. At the same time, it’s getting shot.”


This question was raised when Guggenheim was asked the differences between a film like Green Lantern and the TV shows, and I do agree.

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