Mark Hamill Addresses Alan Moore’s Adaptation Opinion


WriterAlan Moore, of such greats as V For Vendetta, Batman: The Killing Joke and Watchmen, has been known to hate all adaptations based on his work. In an interview in 2012 with HARDtalk, Moore admits that he judges the films based on ignorance as he has never seen them, but goes by what his friends tell him, he also admitted to selling the right to his books simply for the money as he didn’t feel his work could ever properly be made into a film. 

He also further said that while it’s OK for him to re-imagine some else’s work, it’s not ok for other based on personal opinion.

Mark Hamill, who is voicing The Joker once again in the upcoming animated adaptation of the Alan Moore’s novel Batman: The Killing Joke, was asked by a fan if he had ever met with Alan Moore and if so what was his opinion on The Killing Joke being made into an animated film.

As you can see he loves the legendary writer’s work but finds him to have a low opinion on adaptations of his work. This is an opinion many share with Mark Hamill, so it’s not surprising to hear. Hamill himself is a huge comic book fan, so to have someone immediately brush away any adaptation would make any fan thinking, why?

Eric Curto
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