Matt Reeves Clarifies His Comments and Says The Batman is Part of the DCEU


As we reported before Matt Reeves had done an interview where he mentioned that his take on The Batman was sold to him as if it was not part of the DC Extended Universe, similar to how Wonder Woman’s story is self contained but still part of the overall universe.

Of course the internet and those who claimed Ben Affleck was leaving jumped on this as confirmation and started spinning the story with more negativity. But as many fans of the DC Extended Universe have learned from watching the films, you can’t always go with what’s said at face value.

Reeves went onto Twitter to clarify exactly what we said in our report that The Batman will star Ben Affleck and is in the DC Extended Universe, but that the story will be self-contained and not have cameos from outside characters such as Wonder Woman or Superman.


Eric Curto
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