Matt Reeves Debunks Rumor on Him Leaving The Batman


Another day, another rumor, another debunking of said rumor. A couple of days ago John Campea did one of his blog videos where he mentioned that he knew something that would freak out fans of the DC Extended Universe, in a bad way and than said he couldn’t say.

This caused many to speculate that director Matt Reeves was leaving The Batman, not sure how these fans came up with conclusion, but many sites started to run with it. We didn’t report on it as its baseless to even think it to be true.

The Wrap reported last night that the claim was untrue and that Reeves is currently writing away at the movie’s script,  but again no concrete proof was given outside of their source.

We can now confirm that yes Reeves is staying with The Batman as he went on to let a fan know it was untrue through his official Twitter account.

It’s great to see the filmmakers taking the time to debunk rumors, but this is one that we’ve seen before, along with Ben Affleck leaving the project, which John Campea also started during his time on Collider, all these rumors really needs to stop. The sites that are reporting on these unconfirmed report are sadly usually doing it for ad revenue and clickbait and fans deserves better.

Eric Curto
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