Michael Jai White Is Now Lobbying for the Role of Black Manta


We reported before that Michael K. Williams had made it known that he was up for playing the role of Black Manta in the Aquaman solo film if ever offered. After James Wan hinted that The Wrap report was true, the internet exploded with fan casting of many actors for the role.

Now Michael Jai White has stepped up to say he wants in on the role after a fan nominated him. White is no stranger to the comic book world, as he appeared in such films as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Ooze, as well as DC properties such as The Dark Knight and Arrow. Of course, we’d be re-missed if we didn’t mention he had played the role of Spawn in the 1997.

It still has not been confirmed if Black Manta will appear in Aquaman, but with the director’s tease it is more than likely true. Also keep in mind, Justice League is filming and will feature scenes with Aquaman in Atlantis, where Black Manta could make an appearance.

Eric Curto
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