Minka Kelly Cast as Dove on Titans


Deadline is reporting that Minka Kelly was cast as Dove on Titans, one of the two exclusive shows for the untitled DC Streaming Service coming in 2018. This casting news comes after the annoucement of Alan Ritchson as Hawk, who is the other half to Dove in the comics.


Kelly’s Dove, aka Dawn Granger, is one half of the crime-fighting, vigilante duo and romantic couple Dove and Hawk. Dove is strategic, defensive and lithe — the opposite of Hawk, an aggressive, offensive bruiser. Both Kelly and Ritchson will be recurring, with an option to become regulars in Season 2. I hear the producers also are exploring a potential Hawk and Dove spinoff series down the road, which would be headlined by the duo.

Minka Kelly is known for roles in the Charlie’s Angels 2011 revival series as well as Almost Human and CW’s Jane the Virgin. In film she’s been in The Roommate.

Just like Alan Ritchson showed his excitement for his casting on social media, Minka also showed her’s through Instagram:


Source: Deadline

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